Guaranteed Refunds on Cylinder Deposits Paid!

Non refundable cylinder deposits are a thing of the past!


When you pay for a cylinder deposit from Gasago, your deposit money is safe…

Most gas suppliers only allow you to return the same number of like for like cylinders, or you loose your deposit for any extra returns you give back when you receive your NEW refill delivery.

This is particularly unhelpful if you are a high user in winter and a low gas user during the summer months.

When you have paid your deposit, you often end up having to hold onto your cylinders for future use. This not only presents a safety issue but your money is tied up in gas bottles you aren’t using!

At Gasago, we understand our customers needs and when you purchase a Gasago refill, you are able to return additional unwanted cylinders using our unique “Order Builder” and contra a full credit value against a smaller new order quantity (*refill order must be a higher value than the overall credit refund).

This way you are not forced to hold onto your empties all summer until you need to increase your refill orders towards winter. Plus it’s not good practice having to store many empties safely for months on end or else loose the deposit’s you’ve paid!

You can’t say fairer than that!


  • Please note, any refunds can only be credited against a NEW refill order and not against a returns ONLY order. An £18.00 collection charge will apply for any “cylinder only collection requests”. (This does not apply to “Patio and Ultra-light” cylinders where NO deposit refund can be provided against a “cylinder only” return).


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