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37 Mbar Propane Regulator

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This is a specific 37 Mbar Propane Regulator which attaches by screwing into ALL red propane cylinders to a gas appliance via a flexible rubber hose.
The cylinder types used with this regulator are:

  • 3.9Kg Red Propane Bottles
  • 6Kg Red Propane bottles
  • 11Kg Red Propane Bottles
  • 12Kg Red FLT (Fork Lift Truck) Bottles
  • 18KG Red FLT Bottles
  • 19Kg Red Propane Bottles
  • 47Kg Red Propane Bottles.
  • Max Inlet Pressure: 20 bar
  • Operating Pressure: 37 barCapacity: 1 Kg/hr
  • Inlet: POL 105
  • Outlet: 8mm nozzle
  • Max Inlet Pressure: 20 bar
Will the delivery driver connect my gas bottle to my appliance?

In most cases, if you ask the delivery driver to help you connect your gas bottle, they will be more than willing to help you wherever possible. However, there may be instances where the driver is unable to leave sight of their vehicle under the laws governing the dangerous goods act and therefore they will be unable to do this for you.



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